A Noel Guthrie Acrylic on canvas

A Noel Guthrie Acrylic on canvas
The Cockabully Hunters --- from an original painting by Noel Guthrie

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ballads of Ernie Slow

 The Ballad of Ernie Slow

As far back as the 1920’s, men and women throughout New Zealand’s Mackenzie Country have spoken highly of Ernest (Ernie) Slow.  In some quarters he became legendry for his wit, his humour and his ballads.
For others however, he was branded for his alcoholism. Ernie Slow was a man who loved the wide-open spaces and felt at home with the sun on his face and the wind in his hair.
Deep down he had a profound respect for Mother Nature, while appreciating the power in those rugged and sometimes harsh mountain peaks of the Mackenzie Basin.  At no time did he abuse this land of his birth, always treating it with the utmost respect.

Won’t you walk with Noel Guthrie, as he treads that narrow road through Ernie’s life?  From the birth of his grandfather at Wilton, in Middlesex, England, to introducing you to his parents and his siblings.
Before concluding with Ernie’s tragic death in 1960, Noel shares with you Ernie’s famous ballads and poetry, some of which have never previously been published. 
Ernie’s Ballads.  
Wanted a Youth.                                             
Tin Lizzie

Tom Burnett.                                                         
Kimbell Women’s Hockey Team

Andrew Burnett Pioneer.                                          
Jock Ireland and his Aeroplane

Squatters Dream.                                                    
The New Zealand Stakes

The Devil’s Daughter.                                            
 The Temuka Stakes

The Fat man and the Beer Man.                               
Marching on the Road to Life

Hitler’s Dream.                                                    
O’ Little Town of Fairlie

Bray Kills a Pig

 And many more colourful stories of Ernie's life.

212 Pages
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Deceit at the Highest Order

  Deceit of the Highest Order

    ISBN     0-476-00691-0

   From the notebook of L.W.Blakemore   Q. S. M

   An insight into the New Zealand Electricity Generation Reforms
   of the late 1900’s and the skulduggery performed at Official levels.

   Who was the late Laurie Blakemore?
   The short answer is, he was slight in stature, had a big heart and a ton of guts. 
   A man who goes down in history as being the staunchest advocate the 
   New Zealand Electricity Consumer ever had and who was never 
   afraid to fire at broadside at officialdom. 

   Why?   Frequently he sought answers to why we permitted civil servants 
   aided and abetted by gullible politicians, to destroy our heritage.

152 Pages

No longer in print

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Century in the Making

A Century in the Making

A history of the Mackenzie Highland Pipe Band in New Zealand, was at one stage synonymous with sheep rustler, James Mackenzie.
He became a legend the World over for his alleged exploits.  Perhaps he set a precedent for a great many of those early Scottish settlers who ventured into this vast and barren landscape, now known as the Mackenzie Country.  Or could it be that those early settlers took a leaf out of Mackenzie's book, when it came to strength, perseverance and just plain Scottish determination to succeed against all odds.
That about sums up the last 100 years that the Mackenzie Highland Pipe Band  as it served the Community.
On several occasions the Band floundered over the past century, but showing the true guts and tenacity of their Scottish heritage, they rose again.
The Band began its journey on a single donation of five quid in 1912.  That's all it took to get the blood pounding through those Scottish veins.
Three young men, George Cowan, Danny Ross and Joe McDonald, by way of entertaining themselves on a Saturday evening in Fairlie during 1912, they played their bagpipes on the corner of School Road and Main Street for hours on end.  Fate intervened on one of those nights with the intervention of a local character, only known as the 'Highlan' Chief'.  "Can ye play Mackenzie's Farewell to Ross-Shire", inquired  the Chief  in a gruff and demanding voice.  "If ye can, I'll give ye five pounds towards your band."
Of that trio, only Joe MacDonald cold play that arie, he had once played the pipes with the McIntosh Clan's private pipe band back in Scotland.  Through a veil of joyful tears, his foot tapping, the Highlan' Chief recalled his heritage and his kinfolk back in his homeland.

Included in this publication, there is a profile of more 
than 200 member who have played during those 
100 colourful years of the Mackenzie Highland Pipe Band.

329  pages   
Size   270mm x 190mm

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E-mail    ggparcell@xtra.co.nz

Love L:ies and Laughter

Love Lies and Laughter

ISBN   978-0-473-19253-2

If romance is your cup of tea, then this is not the book for you.

If on the other hand you prefer to read downright codswallop
and unadulterated baloney, then this could be just the read
you have been looking for.

The author has, in his trivial look on life, brought to the reader
a series of short stories.

1    A Pied a-Terre in our Garden.
2    Hi Jinks on the School Train.
3    Eighty Five Pregnant Ewes.
4    George Cuthbert Ramsbottom.
5    Pikelets and Whipped Cream.
6    The Little Red Bra.
7    The Highland Piper.
8    His Journey Ended in Peace.
9    Leonard (Lenny) Baxley Haskell.
10  The Coal Miners Daughter.

135  pages

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Memories Three

Memories Three

Memories Three has its origins in many South Island Newspapers
where watercolour sketches and weekly articles appeared for many years.
During the 1990's his books Memories and Memories Two
proved to be extremely popular.  Continued requests prompted him to resume his love of history once more.

Memories Three, the third in the series to be published, depicts some of Noel's impressions of early New Zealand history.
Anecdotal as usual, the text as in earlier occasions prefers to chat with the reader, offering a lighter touch for some and wetting their appetite to delve further into the wealth of New Zealand history.

22 individual stories and sketches.

93  pages

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Stations of the Ashburton Gorge

Stations of the Ashburton Gorge


This book offers a brief history of those men and their dogs
who have mustered the High Country of the Ashburton Gorge.

Much of the text has its origins in the Ashburton Guardian where
Noel Guthrie's column, 'Roving Sketchbook' appeared for many years.

32  pages

No longer available

Monday, 7 October 2013

Memories Two

                                               Memories Two

Memories Two has its origins in the Timaru Herald and the Ashburton Guardian,
where weekly articles of Noel's watercolour sketches were
published for many years.

His work began appearing in the features section of the Otago Daily Times.
Memories Two is the second of a series to be published, depicting
Noel's impressions of some of the early history from around
Canterbury, Otago and Southland.
It continues in its endeavour of providing some of the colour
surrounding each sketch.

45 individual stories and sketches.
95 pages

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Memories portray Noel's visual impression in watercolour
of  South and Mid Canterbury's history.
The text attempts to provide some of the colour surrounding
each sketch, of which many readers may well identify with.

Memories has its origins in the Timaru Herald and the 
Ashburton Guardian, where weekly articles were published
for many years.

Many of the watercolours are held in private collections
throughout New Zealand, as well as finding their way into
private collections around the world.

45 individual stories and sketches.
95 pages

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